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Support the Museum

Our many volunteers provide the knowledge and manpower for all of our programs and assist with keeping the Museum open. These are the people who also restore and maintain our equipment and provide help to build new exhibits. We are excited to be a family venue that is open to children of all ages. We have invited local schools to come with their classes and participate in a learning experience at no charge. Your donations and support will help us to meet the day to day costs of operating our machine shop, print shop as well as daily electricity, heat, repairs and other expenses.

Donations help us to continue to provide affordable educational opportunities for our visitors. 

If you wish to donate, please call 231-722-1363 or mail a check to: MHMuseum, 561 West Western Ave., Muskegon, MI, 49440. The Muskegon Heritage Association Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Many companies also reward their employees for donating in the community by matching their employees’ donations to community organizations. If your company has a matching donation program, please participate in it and ask for your donations to the Muskegon Heritage Association Museum to be matched.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!

A non-profit museum can not exist without help from others. We appreciate their willingness to support the museum. When you see them, please mention that you saw their name or business on our website and thank them for their support of the Muskegon Heritage Museum!

Business & Industry Donors

Provided funds to purchase a 1910 Boynton & Plummer Shaper for the Heritage Machine Works. Continue to provide additional funding under the Alcoa action days program. – Amy Heiser

D. Baker & Son Lumber Co.» D. Baker & Son Lumber Co.
Donated hardwood flooring for three rooms on the 2nd floor – Scott Salamasick

Carmichael Heating» Carmichael Heating
Donated time and materials to reinstalled our hot air furnace in the machinery building – Continue to provide help with HVAC maintenance in our buildings. – Tom Smrcina

Century Foundry, Inc» Century Foundry, Inc
Donated time and materials to help us explain the foundry process with cope and drag samples and final products in aluminum. – Scott LeRoux

DeRose Builders» DeRose Builders
Donated their labor to design and install new stairway to the third floor replacing our old narrow stairs – Dave & Matt DeRose

Hines Corporation» Hines Corporation
Donation for restoration of the three Bennett Company Gasoline Pumps.

Jerry’s Fabrication Inc.» Jerry’s Fabrication Inc.
Donated time and materials to build an engine stand for display of our Continental Aircraft Engine. – Jerry Bean

Kaydon Engineering» Kaydon Engineering
Donation of bearings and many items for the display, monetary donations to Catch the Spirit Campaign – Todd Bramer

Keene Lumber» Keene Lumber
Donated hardwood flooring for a room on the 2nd floor. – Kevin Kooi

Newkirk Electric» Newkirk Electric
Donation of the electrical materials for the 2nd and 3rd floor rewiring. – Tom Anton

Rycenga Building Center» Rycenga Building Center
Donated hardwood flooring for a room on the second floor. – John Rycenga

Torresen Marine inc.» Torresen Marine inc.
Donated a working Gray Marine (Continental) engine for exhibit in the museum – Brian & Gordon Torresen

Weber Lumber Muskegon» Weber Lumber Muskegon
Donated doors and other items for the museum, always available to provide support – Bill & Sam

Individual Volunteers

Working at the Museum on a regular basis:

Anne & Allan Dake – Supporting the museum with financial contributions and many many hours of volunteer time.

Dick Didrickson – Regular volunteer when we are open and help with museum projects

Jim Funnel – Construction at the museum.

Jack Grenell – Wiring expert at the museum

Bob Harvey – Construction and general help on many projects at the museum.

Marla Major – Helping our Curator on the Catalog Project

Don Niskanen – General help with anything we need in the museum

Dave Rice – Our Brunswick retiree who keeps our pinsetters in shape and helps with anything else.

Walt Rusin – General help with anything and expert on telephones

Bette Wagenmaker – Helping our Curator on the Catalog Project

Roger Whiitenan – Help with many of our museum projects, also a telephone guy

Adam Winters – Spends many hours improving the machinery area of the museum.

We thank them ALL for their support of the MHA!