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“Muskegon’s Industries” Book

Muskegon Industries Book“Muskegon’s Industries – A History of Manufacturing Companies and their Products” is a book that was published by the Muskegon Heritage Museum to celebrate the Museum’s 30th anniversary, 1983-2013. The book was updated in 2017 with a ten companies added.

There are 204 pages providing detail on 88 companies, including photos of buildings and products produced with logos used by the various companies. There are several hundred illustrations or photos throughout the book. Included are companies that the museum currently has on display or we plan to have a display in the future. Many of these companies are part of the “Made in Muskegon” exhibit at the museum.

The book is priced at $25.00 and can be picked up at the Museum by arrangement or during normal Museum open hours.

Copies can be mailed to those interested, via USPS Priority Mail, for an additional $6.00. Please remit a check to the Museum’s address, attn. Book Purchase. Be sure to include a check for $31.00.

We do not accept credit cards.

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